Start contributing

The project is looking for different skills and help. If you’re interested in one of the following tasks please :

  •  Send us an email at contact at
  •  Go to irc #fusiondirectory on freenode and tell us you want to help.
  •  Subscribe to the users, documentation or developpers mailing list here

Helping with the documentation

 We try to have a complete documentation for every aspect of FusionDirectory.
We need help to correct, maintain and document new features :

Translating of FusionDirectory

 We are using transifex to translate FusionDirectory.  You just need to create an account on transifex.  Join the team of the language you want to translate in the FusionDirectory project.  If your team doesn’t exist you can ask for his creation.

Help for FusionDirectory testing

  •  Install FusionDirectory on various distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Centos, opensuse, mageia …)
  •  Test each of the plugins
  •  Report bugs here :

For FusionDirectory core :

For FusionDirectory plugins (ex : mail, samba, dhcp, dns, sudo etc…):