CSIESR 2018 meeting at Opio

What is CSIESR?

CSIESR is the Higher Education Research IT Services Committee. CSIESR is a professional association whose main objectives are:

  • contribute to the development of digital technology for education, culture and research;
  • support the information and communication technology departments and their staff to understand innovations, technological developments, methods and organizations;
  • strengthen recognition of the strategic role of information systems in establishments and support decision-makers in taking these aspects into account.

CSIESR annual meeting

Each year there is a major event in higher education which brings together more than two hundred IT managers from higher education and companies in the sector: les Assises du CSIESR (CSIESR Meeting). In 2018, the picturesque town of Opio-en-Provence was chosen as the privileged place to host the CSIESR Assizes: this is a major event in higher education which brings together more than two hundred IT managers each year for higher education and companies in the sector.

CSIESR meeting partner

After Avignon meeting in 2016 and Mandelieu-la-Napoule in 2017, this is the third time that Opensides has enthusiastically participated in this event, which took place over four days, from May 22 to 25, 2018: “Participating in the CSIESR Meeting is a real honor for our entire team,” said Benoit MORTIER, Director of the Company.”In recent years we have integrated the Higher Education Market in France thanks to FusionDirectory, 100% Open Source software of which we are publishers” “As a matter of fact, FusionDirectory is a complete solution for all identity management and infrastructure needs with specific support for Supann and Partage by RENATER.” he explains. articipating in the CSIESR Conference is an opportunity for us both to meet our Clients, such as INALCO and Huma-Num, and to meet new potential Clients in the Education and Research sector “. “Moreoves”, saysBenoit Mortier, “FusionDirectory is referenced since 2016 in CNLESR (Cellule Nationale Enseignement Supérieur et Recherche), which represents a real asset for our Customers in the field of National Education, because they will be able to benefit from preferential tariffs on our offer of Service and Support “.

Benoit MORTIER, CEO of Opensides
Paola PENATI, Responsable de la Communication chez Opensides