We certify FusionDirectory with all the most common distributions, here is a table which summarizes the level of support by distribution and version.

DistributionFusionDirectory 1.2FusionDirectory 1.3Fusiondirectory 1.4
Debian Jessieexiste pasexiste pasexiste pas
Debian Stretchexiste passimpliciteexiste pas
Debian Busterexiste passimplicitesimplicite
Debian Bullseyeexiste pasexiste passimplicite
Centos 7icone supportsimplicitesimplicite
Centos 81existe pasexiste pasexiste pas
Redhat 7icone supportsimplicitesimplicite
Redhat 8existe pasexiste pasen travaux
Ubuntu 20.04 LTSexiste pasen travauxsimplicite
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS2existe passimplicitesimplicite
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSicone supportsimpliciteicone support
en travaux

In progress

icone support

Premium support contract

existe pas


1 Following the Centos blog announcement of the discontinuation of Centos 8 in 2021, there will be no Centos 8 support from FusionDirectory

2 Need the ppa repository from the official maintainer of Debian/Ubuntu packages