FusionDirectory is free software and thanks to that anyone can install it and take advantage of all the available features.

If FusionDirectory helps you and you want to say thank you you can leave us a donation on one of these platforms:

ko-fi logo

Small donations from 3 euros, hence the: “Buy a coffee for FusionDirectory”

librepay logo

Designed for recurring donations, in order to make improvements to our plugins or our documentation

open-collective logo

This system offers three levels of donation to make the community sustainable

community-bridge logo

Recurring donation system, year-round, with no minimum amount required. To finance our open source project with complete transparency and confidence

Invest in the open source projects you depend on. The github sponsorship system allows you to support FusionDirectory within your means

It’s a fun and original way to say thank you to the designers of FusionDirectory and the community

While waiting to have a real espresso on the terrace with you, take care of yourself and take care of others.