Facilitate identity management in universities with SupAnn standard

Identity management in universities is very complex. There are many categories of populations whose status changes over time.

To this you can add a large set of business applications that contain partial or complete data that must be reconciled.

The management of multi-service cards and access to applications by students make this management even more complex.

To manage this in France, there is the SupAnn standard which formalizes the data and takes into account all the specificities previously mentioned in order to be able to integrate them into the management of identities.

fiche utilisateur supann

For example, the SupAnn standard takes into account the problem of doctoral students who have a mixed status, they work but are still students, it also takes into account the assignments within several institutions with different roles and responsibilities and the management of multi-service cards.

Thanks to FusionDirectory, we have been helping universities and research centers improve their student registration processes and the lifecycle for more than 10 years as part of their identity management.

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We realized that although French, the SupAnn standard could be applied in other university contexts. This year we studied how to adapt this standard to the European context.

It emerges that all the processes and data modeling can be transposed into the European university context and that the use of the SupAnn standard will make it possible to simplify and formalize the management of identities.

Our work over the next few months will therefore be devoted to the development of the SupAnn standard in the context of the Belgian universities that we will try to meet in order to present our work to them.