FusionDirectory 1.0.14 is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory 1.0.14, our new stable release

The 1.0.14 version is a fixes release some new features, main fixes and some minors ones

New Features

  • Templates can be used centrally or in branch and can be restricted with FusionDirectory acls
  • Breezy them is now official default theme
  • A contributor started to translate FusionDirectory for the Finland country

Main Fixes

  • FusionDirectory is PHP7 compliant
  • Full testing of the autofs plugin and enhancement
  • Full testing of the quota plugin and enhancement
  • Printer systems objects have been removed from workstation
  • Printer systems objects are now converted to the simple plugin framework
  • Hooks system has been corrected for a possible arbitrary code execution
  • Added back the basic imap/pop3 service to avoid a regression
  • Enhancement to the webservice to make it more robust and logical

Minor Fixes

  • Enhancement to ldif and cvs import
  • Fixing the recovery password message in some case a wrong error message was show

Removed plugin

  • Game plugin was removed as it was old and not useful anymore

Release notes

The release notes : Migration from 1.0.13 to 1.0.14