FusionDirectory is out

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the first maintenance release of you stable branch. Just in time for the return to work after holidays 🙂

The version is a maintenance release with some importants fixes, some minors ones and a new feature.

Main Fixes

  • Make non-default plugin tabs browseable when the plugin is viewed in non-editable mode
  • Login with expire password work if we modify the URL
  • Hide userPassword on change_password postmodfy hook error message
  • Allow options in sshPublicKey
  • More CSS3 fixes
  • ACL when admin fix

Minor Fixes

  • Improve white-space trimming of mcrypt_decrypt() results
  • Apache2.4 does not allow underscores in request header variables anymore
  • Adding a manpage for fusiondirectory-shell
  • Use relative path for geticon to allow to put fusiondirectory in any named directory, not only fusiondirectory

New Feature

  • fusiondirectory-setup –list-deprecated to list deprecated attributes and objectClass for FusionDirectory
  • fusiondirectory-setup –check-deprecated to generate an ldif file of the deprecated attributes and Objectclass ready to apply to your ldap tree