FusionDirectory now contains over 50 plugins and it is sometimes difficult to know what is supported by each plugin in the different versions of FusionDirectory.

This table will allow you to compare what is available in each version.

aliasCreation of email aliases not linked to a usersimplicitesimplicite
applicationsDefines web applications that can be used in rolessimplicitesimplicite
archiveArchiving of users while respecting RGPD and uniqueness of accountsexiste pas simplicite
argonautService management and deployment systems integrationsimpliciteexiste pas
Replaced by
FusionDirectory Scheduler
auditAudit of all actions performed in FusionDirectorysimplicitesimplicite
security tab on users
autofsUsing nis maps with automountsimplicite
autofs5Using automount mapsexiste pas simplicite
automount Map
certificatesStorage of private certificates in pem format.simplicitesimplicite
communityManage user communities in FusionDirectory.simplicitesimplicite
cyrusManage Cyrus mailboxessimplicitesimplicite
debconfManage debconf installation filessimplicitesimplicite
developersProvides information to developers in FusionDirectory.simplicitesimplicite
dhcpManage a DCHP server in FusionDirectorysimplicitesimplicite
dnsManage a DNS server in FusionDirectorysimplicitesimplicite
dovecotManage Dovecot mailboxessimplicitesimplicite
dsaCreate directory service accounts for administrative purposes (like pam_ldap, dns, nssldap, smbldap-tools, etc.)simplicitesimplicite
ejbcaRead ssl certificates published by EJBCA in LDAPsimplicitesimplicite
faiGraphically define the installations with FAIsimplicitesimplicite
freeradiusManage freeradius attributes by users and groupssimplicitesimplicite
gpgStores GPG keys simplicitesimplicite
invitationsCreate and send invitations to register and manage registrations.existe pas simplicite
ipamManage networks in a structured wayexiste pas simplicite
ipmiStore the impi credentials to connect to the impi component inside your systems.simplicitesimplicite
kerberosCreate and manage kerberos attributes on users as well as the kdcexiste pas simplicite
ldapdumpRead all the information of an object in ldif formatsimplicitesimplicite
ldapmanagerExport, import ldif and csv with and without modelssimplicitesimplicite
multivalued import
mailStore basic attributes, allows other mail methods to complement themsimplicitesimplicite
pop3 service removed
migration-mailroutingAllows to migrate from the old mailrouting scheme during mail migrationexiste pas simplicite
mixedgroupsManage groups mixing memberuid and member this requires a modified base ldap schemasimplicitesimplicite
netgroupsManage nis groupssimplicitesimplicite
newsletterIndicates which newsletter a user has subscribed tosimplicitesimplicite
nextcloudDefines attributes that will be read by NextCloud to modify certain properties, such as file quota or home folderexiste pas simplicite
opsiAllows the deployment of Windows PCs with OPSIsimplicitesimplicite
personalStores all kinds of personal information that is not standardized in basic LDAP schemas.simplicitesimplicite
posixManage all the properties of a UNIX accountsimplicitesimplicite
postfixManage basic postfix configurationsimplicitesimplicite
ppolicyManage password policies linked to the ppolicy overlaysimplicitesimplicite
public-formsCreate forms outside of the pages connected to FusionDirectory that create objects in FusionDirectoryicone pas de supportsimplicite
pureftpdManage a user’s Pureftpd accountsimplicitesimplicite
quotaManage user quotassimplicitesimplicite
renater-partageManage the messaging component of the RENATER Partage system, used by the research and education community in Francesimplicitesimplicite
repositoryManages the definition of Debian distribution and its repositories while allowing to have non-distribution repositories. Used by automated package building systemssimplicitesimplicite
sambaManage users, groups, sharessimplicitesimplicite
no longer depends on posix
schedulerService management, integration of deployment systems and orders related to specific pluginsexiste pas simplicite
sinapsSynchronize user information and Sinaps structuressimplicitesimplicite
sogoManage the rental in the object and the groupsimplicitesimplicite
spamassassinManage per user and global configurationsimplicitesimplicite
sshManage a user’s ssh public keysimplicitesimplicite
subcontractingManage the user of your company but who works in other companies for long periodssimplicitesimplicite
sudoManage sudo policiessimplicitesimplicite
supannManage Supann standard used in research teaching in Francesimplicite
Supann 2009
Supann 2018
supann-extManage extensions for Sinaps that are not in the Supann standardsimplicitesimplicite
sympaManage sympa list aliasessimplicitesimplicite
systemsManage all kind of systems, servers, workstations, terminals, telephones, gsm …simplicitesimplicite
new network interfaces
user-reminder Manage user reminders of the upcoming expiration of their accountsimplicitesimplicite
Supann 2018 life cycle addition
webauthnManage security tokensexiste pas simplicite
hardware token, yubico
weblinkSimply manage access links to your configuration interface of your device, system, etc.simplicitesimplicite
webserviceManage FusionDirectory webservicesimplicite