Identity Days 2020

Like last year, we are a sponsor of Identity Days, the only French event dedicated to identity and access management and digital identity security, which will take place on Thursday, 29th October, 2020.

Benoit Mortier est conférencier au Identity Days 2020

This edition will be entirely online due to the circumstances that we all know, however the program is rich and diversified:

This year I am giving a different lecture there which talks about the construction of a management of complex identities in an engineering school: Télécom Sud Paris .

If we want to manage identities from Human Resources until the issuance of the access badge, a complex and automated workflow should be set up to avoid manual entries.

During my conference From HR database to the multiservice card, how TelecomSud Paris modernized its identity management I will explain how we came from fragmented identity management with a lot of manual processes to automated identity management.

Watch the replay in french here