Manage your infrastructure with FusionDirectory

Beyond the classic functions for managing users, groups and messaging, FusionDirectory also has functionalities for managing many services such as dns, dhcp and system deployment.

DNS management

You can create a DNS zone in your FusionDirectory interface at Systems level.

Zone name: name of the dnszone (

Reverse zone: the reverse zone if you need it

Primary DNS server: the DNS server in FQDN (

Mail address: email address for your DNS zone

Creating a DNS view

In FusionDirectory you can also create a DNS view.

View name: the name of your view

You can add the ACL or dnszone that you want to use for this view.

Creating a DNS ACL

You can also create a DNS ACL with FusionDirectory

ACL name: the name of your ACL

You can add the address that will match your ACL

In the FusionDirectory interface you have a section called “Systems” which you can use to add servers and network devices to your infrastructure (workstations, printers, terminals etc.)