IPAM, FreeRadius and system interfaces

We got a sponsorship from NetworkRADIUS to add the management of subnet and vlan and create a new system of interfaces attached to systems

Originally the interface where a static component and was not made to manage the multiple interface with lots of details and was suffering of a possibility to match an interface and his mac address.

create a server in 1.3
Old system network settings

Creation of the ipam plugin

We took the opportunity to create a new IPAM plugin as the base of a future IPAM fonctionnality and the result is this :

ipam list
Subnet and Vlan list from the ipam plugin
ipam create vlan
The creation of a Vlan
ipam create subnet
The creation of a subnet

Imagining a new concept of network interfaces

The old concept of interface was very limited and suffered from :

  • No way of attaching the correct mac address to a specific ip
  • No way to declare the various attributes of the interface like :
    • Name
    • subnet
    • vlan
  • No way of checking ig the ip was already taken
  • No automatic way of getting a free ip from a dedicated subnet

So during the concept of the new interface system we make them very extensible and added lots of automatic functionalities to go hand in hand with the IPAM plugin.

system interfaces list
System Interfaces list
system interfaces edit
system interfaces edition

you can see that now we can have multiple interfaces independently linked to a system and associated with vlan and subnet.

The future

This new system will offer a whole range of new possibilities and functionalities and is still compatible with the software looking to find the classical attributes like ipHostNumber and macAddress.

system interface ldap view