Kerberos and Nfs 4

As part of the redesign project of identity management in Télécom SudParis the question arose of the migration of Nfs v3 servers and the transition to Nfs v4.

When doing Nfs v4 one of the most interesting features is the support for Kerberos and its ldap backend allowing centralized access management.

This operating mode allows you to base access to Nfs shares using the user / password combination rather than the old hostname / ip method.

This guarantees better security and increased ease of use.

First overview of the interface

Kerberos user Principal

This first version allows you to see the important attributes and test the FusionDirectory kerberos integration.

Future projects

In the following of our developments around kerberos we envisage:s développements autour de kerberos nous envisageons :

  • Kdc management
  • integration of kerberos into user account lockout
  • integration of kerberos in the state resource management date from SupAnn