Manage SupAnn standard with FusionDirectory

FusionDirectory is the only software that allows you to manage the entire SupAnn 2009 and 2018 standard in an easy and user-friendly way, taking advantage from all the functionalities such as model, data validation.

Users management

You can create users with SupAnn information. For certain local attributes the plugin also allows you to build personalized drop-down lists.

Management of entities and establishments

You can manage your establishments and entities in a simple and graphical way.

Manage account life cycle

The support of SupAnn 2018 makes it possible to manage the life cycle of the account. Resources are attributable per user and allow differentiated management of each of these resources.

For example lock the user account but leave the email account operational.

This also makes it possible to make an account supply for the start of the school year without activating the accounts immediately

Manage Multi Service Card

You can manage MUlti Services Card with FusionDirectory.

The management interface for cards associated with a user allows :

  • Management of cards associated with the user
  • Management of applications associated with these cards
  • Communication with card creation tools to manage the life cycle of a card
Carte multi service supann 2018