Learn how to install, configure, secure and manage an OpenLDAP server during this 3-day training:

Nowadays, identity management is everywhere, whether in web applications or in companies.

OpenLDAP is the main LDAP directory available in free software. It is deployed worldwide, and is used in particular in telecoms applications, companies such as HP, Ericsson, Orange, or the majority of French universities and National Education.

You will come out of this OpenLDAP training with the skills necessary to manage an OpenLDAP directory on a daily basis as well as the ability to respond to requests that may be made to you both from a security point of view and on the connection of applications to your OpenLDAP directory.

This OpenLDAP training, practical oriented, is aimed at any person responsible for the management of OpenLDAP directories, wishing to learn how to implement OpenLDAP directories to set them up in their application or company.

At the end of the training, participants will leave with a set of ldif files allowing them to reproduce the performed exercises.


  • Knowledge of the LDAP protocol
  • Learn how to install OpenLDAP
  • Manage the cn=config configuration backend
  • Manage schemas
  • Learn writing OpenLDAP ACLs


  • Bring your laptop
  • VirtualBox version 6 installed
  • Putty must be installed on a Windows machine
  • Basic knowledge of Linux system
  • Know how to use a text editor in console mode
  • Have knowledge of ssh, sftp

Benoit Mortier - CEO FusionDirectory
CEO of FusionDirectory



CEO of FusionDirectory

Target audiences :

  • System administrators
  • OpenLDAP directory managers

Terms and conditions :

Duration : 3 days, 21-hour course

Rates :

3 900 euros incl. VAT in France

3 510 euros incl. VAT for members of the CNLESR Software Group

2 900 euros excl. VAT in Belgium

Program :

Day 1 : Concept, definition and implementation of an OpenLDAP directory

  • Definition of an LDAP directory
    • Design of a directory: dead ends and good practices
    • Business organization and LDAP directory
  • LDAP Concepts
    • The input, the attribute
    • Object classes
    • The filter, the context
    • DIT (Directory Information Tree)
  • LDAP protocol
    • Main operations
    • Extended controls
  • OpenLDAP implementation
    • OpenLDAP installation
    • Basic configuration
    • Schema management
    • Gestion du backend cn=config

Practice : installation, configuration, implementation of schema, management of the backend cn = config

Day 2 : using and securing OpenLDAP

  • Using OpenLDAP
    • Creating LDIF files
    • Management of directory entries in console: basic commands and online editor
    • Creating search filters
    • How to read the logs: optimization and debugging information
    • Backup and Restore of an OpenLDAP directory
  • OpenLDAP security
    • Writing OpenLDAP ACL’s
    • Certificate implementation: encryption via SSL and TLS
    • SASL Configuration

Practice : creation of ldif file, editing / adding entries with console tools, reading logs

Day 3 : OpenLDAP replication

  • OpenLDAP replication
    • Implementing replication
    • Implementation of a provider / consumer architecture
    • Implementation of an architecture in mirror mode
  • Integration with basic network services
    • Configuring PAM support with LDAP

Practice :Implementation of various replication modes, integration with PAM for user and group management