OW2 Board Elections

FusionDirectory has been a member of OW2 for several years, FusionDirectory is the identity management solution of OW2.

This year I had the opportunity to present myself to the board of directors of OW2 with the following objective:

  • Ensure that the OW2 project community is the center of our actions
  • Reduce the number of initiatives in order to promote them more easily
  • and explain why it’s important outside of our usual circles
  • Ensure that everything we do and use free has priority, including in the projects we accept
  • Improve the acceptance process for new projects
  • Make software in ow2 more visible by developing synergies that are clearly displayed on project sheets

I had the pleasure of being elected, so I will be able to work a full year with the other members of the board in order to advance in these objectives.