Conseil et mise en œuvre

Nous intervenons pour aider les acteurs de l’Éducation supérieure Recherche dans l’intégration de FusionDirectory à leur système de gestion des identités.


Afin de rendre vos équipes autonomes dans la gestion des identités et de votre Annuaire LDAP, nous vous proposons trois types de formation


Choisir un Contrat de Support FusionDirectory vous garantit une une réponse rapide à toutes vos questions, une assistance à la mise à jour et bien d’autres avantages


Simplify and delegate the creation of accounts while interfacing with the software library used in higher education research.

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Gallavardin Antoine


I would definitely recommend FusionDirectory for any DNS / DHCP management needs as well as for delegation.

Bécot Jérôme

TGIR Huma-Num

At Huma-Num, we have a central site and many remote sites spread across France. We were looking for a system that would allow the creation of accounts to be delegated to non-technical personnel. The FusionDirectory ACL system responded perfectly to our request.

logo HumaNum
Joel Marchand

Rectorat de la Guadeloupe

we appreciated the availability of the trainer and his perfect knowledge of the subject

Rectorat de la guadeloupe
Salcede Eric

Rectorat de la réunion

The trainer was able to understand all the problems and respond to all the problems. It’s perfect !

Logo Rectorat Reunion
Jacquot Pascale

Forum des Images

The arrival of FusionDirectory has made the job much simpler, creating accounts is easier than with the old system, both for technicians and for people who are not.

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Boujdaa Lahoucine


FusionDirectory helped us, thanks to its FAI integration, in the migration of our LDAP Directory. And the migration of our 125 Windows machines to Linux Debian was done in a simple, efficient and secure way.

Van Osta Vincent

Laboratoire LKB

The trainer is very competent. Being a small group makes training dynamic.

Poisson Corinne