SINAPS configuration

Besides the fact of integrating SINAPS into FusionDirectory, what is interesting is that we have made a series of improvements and security measures that integrate SINAPS with features such as:

  • A test mode : this disables the integration of Sinaps but continues to put the received XML and what would be sent in the expected folder.
  • An application ID : string identifying this FusionDirectory instance in Sinaps. This is what will be sought in the cross references.
  • Application identifiers to synchronize: identifiers of other applications for which we want to store cross-references in the supannRefId field.
  • Le préfixe applicatif : Le préfixe que vous souhaitez ajouter avant le compte utilisateur dans le champ supannRefId.
  • User base : branch in which the users created by SINAPS will be stored.
  • User template : the template to use to create such users.
  • Contact methods : correspondence between LDAP attributes and SINAPS contact methods
  • API tokens : a list of valid API tokens to be accepted by the sinaps endpoint. You can put whatever you want here, but using long strings generated by strong cryptographic random sources is preferable.