Nowadays, identity management is everywhere and is no longer reserved for a technical audience, FusionDirectory was born from this need to make everyday identity management easy.

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Changing Identity Management

FusionDirectory allows you to manage identities in a graphical way..

No need to have a multitude of scripts to manage identities within your company. FusionDIrectory allows you to simplify and harmonize your identity management while focusing on security.


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A single self-service portal

Have a single self-service portal for your users in order to be able to delegate rights to non-technical staff

Identity management thus passes from the domain of the System Administrator to that of any person belonging to the company, who can use it at their level thanks to the implementation of access control and templates.


Higher education & Research

Thanks to its features dedicated to higher education and research, FusionDirectory is the only identity management software to support Supan 2009 and 2018, Partage by RENATER and Sinaps of the Amue

FusionDirectory guarantees you good integration with your business applications and with higher education & research standards.


Web service & Triggers

FusionDirectory’s triggers allow you to trigger actions when editing data, whether through the interface or through the webservice. They are essential for creating workflows that propagate data to applications that do not speak LDAP

FusionDirectory’s REST webservice allows it to be integrated into complex processes for creating accounts and groups, among others.

Customers testimonials


Simplify and delegate the creation of accounts while interfacing with the software library used in higher education research.

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Gallavardin Antoine


I would definitely recommend FusionDirectory for any DNS / DHCP management needs as well as for delegation.

Bécot Jérôme

TGIR Huma-Num

At Huma-Num, we have a central site and many remote sites spread across France. We were looking for a system that would allow the creation of accounts to be delegated to non-technical personnel. The FusionDirectory ACL system responded perfectly to our request.

logo HumaNum
Joel Marchand

Rectorat de la Guadeloupe

we appreciated the availability of the trainer and his perfect knowledge of the subject

Rectorat de la guadeloupe
Salcede Eric

Rectorate of Reunion

The trainer was able to understand all the problems and respond to all the problems. It’s perfect !

Logo Rectorat Reunion
Jacquot Pascale

Forum des Images

The arrival of FusionDirectory has made the job much simpler, creating accounts is easier than with the old system, both for technicians and for people who are not.

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Boujdaa Lahoucine

Belgian Ecologist Party

FusionDirectory helped us, thanks to its FAI integration, in the migration of our LDAP Directory. And the migration of our 125 Windows machines to Linux Debian was done in a simple, efficient and secure way.

Van Osta Vincent

LKB Laboratory

The trainer is very competent. Being a small group makes the training dynamic.

Poisson Corinne