FusionDirectory 1.0.4 is released with a lot of interesting news

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce the birth of FusionDirectory 1.0.4.

The 1.0.4 release gives you a big amount of fixes, a new Framework “simple-plugin” to create the plugins, a new plugin “Board” and some others fonctionnalities.

New framework

Simple plugin is the new way to write plugins for FusionDirectory. It is now mandatory and has been used to write Password Recovery and Board plugins.

New plugins

  • Board – a small dashboard for FusionDirectory.

Others interesting news

  • Support of Smarty3 and gettext
  • Support of php 5.4
  • Removing dependency of mdb2.php on the core
  • Removing dependencies of FAI schema to systems
  • Removing the obsolete opsi code from plugins
  • Support of Venezuelan, Spanish and Dutch languages
  • Guide on how to make a plugin with the framework simple-plugin
  • Alternative e-mail address for recovering password
  • Creating Windows pc in system directly from the interface
  • Mac address next to IP address in filtering list system
  • Adding a few attributes to the object printer under Windows to use with opsi
  • Updates of LDIF Files for recovery.ldif, goto.ldif, goserver.ldif, fdQuota.ldif and argonaut.ldif
  • Files updating the ldap schema are in ldif format