FusionDirectory is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the second maintenance release of our stable branch.

The version is a maintenance release with some importants fixes, some minors ones and a new feature.

Main Fixes

  • fusiondirectory-shell have login and password mandatory
  • Possible xss in login screen
  • Fixed csv import using a template
  • Primary server in the dns service can not be numeric
  •  Trust selection mode was broken in group and ogroups
  • Adding user with templates didn’t keep group affectation
  • Adding all missing licences on the files

Minor Fixes

  • Adding lighttpd support in the doc
  • Bad aspect for tabs when a dialog is open
  • Remove the trust section from the sudo plugin
  • Correcting a regex  in userManagement template base regex

New Feature

  • fusiondirectory-insert-schema have a -c option to continue on error