FusionDirectory is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the second maintenance release of our stable branch.

The version is a maintenance release with some importants fixes, some minors ones and a new feature.

Main Fixes

  • Memory exhaustion during csv import plugin in the presence of supann
  • When using the Apply template user entries are poorly rewritten
  • When the debug level is set, there is no way to connect
  • The supann plugin has been updated with the official lists of French National Education
  •  Department of the list is updated immediately after the creation of a new department
  •  SASL EXOP and SASL Realm could not be saved

Minor Fixes

  • The network links the dashboard to the DNS servers are incorrect
  • When locking an account password without samba attributes it was adding them
  • FusionDirectory-setup was corrected to run on Amazon Linux AMI
  • The comment to the ssh public key was required

New Feature

  • The desktop-management plugin has been rewritten and called applications, it now supports desktop applications and web
  • The plugin also allows applications to use as a FusionDirectory access web portal applications
  • The plugin allows to link ejbca certificates published by the pki ejbca a user or system
  • The personal plugin allows to store personal data such as a user‘s social network accounts, private email
  • We can add roles to the user from its page
  • Inactive tabs are now grayed out
  • Backup samba samba attributes are optional when not in use