FusionDirectory is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the sixth release in our stable branch.

The version is a release with some important fixes, some minors ones, new features and 3 new plugin

New Features

  • Export sub entries with ldapmanager
  • Ppolicy plugin check password history

Main Fixes

  • The rfc2307bis option has been removed
  • Policy from ppolicy is now applied in password recovery
  • The managed users attributes are no longer changed when manager is moved to another base
  • The role icon is no longer displayed by default for all users
  • Address book show infos for all people depending on acls
  • When debug trace level is on, we can’t log in anymore
  • Corrected detection of acls for GPG plugin

Minor Fixes

  • Fusiondirectory.conf attribute configVersion was removed
  • The class_ldap.inc has leftover debug
  • Group and user detection is now supported in fusiondirectory-setup for SLES 11 SP3