FusionDirectory is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the seventh release in our stable branch.

The version is a release with some important fixes, some minors ones, new features and 1 new plugin

New Plugin

  • Certificates : allow to store users certificates in the user account

New Features

  • Let the sasl password method prompt for a password when a password-hook is configured, this allow to change data in relation with kerberos
  • Add /sbin/nologin in shells in the user plugin

Main Fixes

  • The rfc2307bis support is back, new code emit a warning is there is a difference between member and memberUid in a group on mixed group mode
  • Cannot create a role with the same name of an DSA object
  • Password recovery work correctly with the Personal plugin
  • Added TXT dns record in global zone
  • Password strenght widget work with email redirection
  • The dns refresh button in systems now look for SOA in place of NS dns records
  • Fusiondirectory-setup now support start_tls for ldap operations

Minor Fixes

  • Recovery password should not try to discover hash encoding