FusionDirectory is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the nineth release in our stable branch.

The version is a release with some important fixes, some minors ones, new features

New Features

  • Added a option to not touch at the reverse zone, useful in case of delegated reverse zone

Main Fixes

  • Added a switch to automatically select the good perl json rpc library when in wheezy or jessie for fusiondirectory-shell
  • Password did not get saved correctly if ldap’s cn=admin has password with “<” symbol
  • Password default hashes of type CRYPT/XXX other than CRYPT/MD5 were not working
  • fusiondirectory-setup –check-ldap now encrypts the password in ssha by default and warns you if force default hash options is set and default hash is not ssha
  • fusiondirectory-shell cat function was broken on users
  • fusiondirectory-shell now displays multivalued attributes more nicely

Minor Fixes

  • Added support for Greek, Portuguese and Norwegian Bokmål
  • In core-fd.schema, the DESC of each attribute and object now describes exactly the purpose of it

Release notes

The release notes : Migration from to