FusionDirectory is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory, the fifth release in our stable branch.

The version is a release with some important fixes, some minors ones, new features and 3 new plugin

New Plugins

  • ppolicy : manage the ppolicy overlay for password policies
  • ejbca : link certificates published in ldap by ejbca
  • personal : manage personal information like social network, personal mail address, nickname

New Features

  • List all members for a primary group
  • Hidden password for fusiondirectory-setup –check-ldap
  • Centos support in FAI plugin
  • In password fields, autocomplete should be deactivated
  • Menu Reorganization
  • Dashboard plugin merged to core
  • Dashboard has become an exhaustive statistic plugin
  • Reset password can use the private mail in personal plugin

Main Fixes

  • Informations for DHCP and DNS are lost after a copy paste
  • Cannot create a role with the same name of an DSA object
  • Error when editing DHCP host
  • Error in sieve cyrus template
  • Editing a template inside fai provoke a crash
  • The LVM partition are wrongly written in the disk class of fai
  • After the first load of the kernel to be use in the fai tab, they should be cached for the rest of the session

Minor Fixes

  • Can’t give group creation right through ACL system
  • Can’t create/edit users with gosaMailServer Attributes via acl system
  • The sudo plugin doesn’t allow to save the sudoOrder
  • Plugins Quota The field ‘Device’ contains invalid characters!
  • The FTPStatus attribute must be set at true  by default