FusionDirectory is for system administrators who manage a park of machines and user accounts. There is no minimum or maximum amount for the number of account systems to manage. Only the LDAP directory stores this information must be properly sized and optimized

The system administrator problem

Actually an it infrastructure is composed of several key elements :

  • users (name, firstname, password, email, access right)
  • groups of users (precise list of existing users)
  • servers (description, IP address, type of service running)
  • workstations (description, IP address, software list, licenses)
  • ip telephony (phone number, voice mail)
  • web services (email, customer care …)

In such an information system, the manager faces a complex problem who is :

How to get the right information at the right place at right time ?

Creating computer account is a good example:

The new entrant needs a computer account, but very often the it service is the last service to know about it.

  • How to create a computer account in a hurry ?
  • Where is all the data necessary to create it ?
  • How can I be sure that all systems have been configured correctly for this person ?
  • How to maintain consistent information in all components of an information system ?
  • How to tell what computer station will be assigned to him ?
  • What are is need for software or network resources ?

The answer to these questions is to use a single repository for identity of the various elements of the information system.

Indeed, the use of such a system ease the work of the administrator:

  • The system administrator does not need to put the information on X systems at risk of making mistakes.
  • The administrator completed once the information on this directory, and it is the X systems who seek and retrieve information they need.

The interest of a Directory

The Directory of identities in an information system should be structured with the least possible redundancy of information to be easily searchable by applications.

This need to manage information in a unique way and with a standardized application has resulted in the creation of a type of server called “server directory”.

This server contains only the data. Only one storage platform contains the various components of an information system. It allows the creation modification and deletion of these data by third-party applications.

Also known as LDAP directory servers because it is the standard LDAP that is used for the presentation of identity to other services.

The services associated with a directory infrastructure

As stated above, a directory serves as a basis for organized storage for the content of an information system.

This directory can supply all services required to operate the information system as long as the service has the ability to natively use this directory.

We can also mention the following services that may be associated with this directory

  • DNS / DHCP for network access client
  • user / groups for people’s access to a resource data
  • Antivirus / spam email for verification
  • Phone list to find easily your correspondent
  • A white book directory

The daily management of a directory

The keyword in the management of a directory  is ” simplicity ”

A directory must be managed by persons not proficient in the information system as a whole.

When an account is created, the creator does not have to intervene in other locations to create other things such as email account, home directory or even the account on the intranet. This is the directory that deals with the spread of the data by making it available to third parties services.