Argonaut is a modular client/server system based on JSON-RPCprotocol. Both client and server sides can load modules at start. Argonaut has two primary functions.

Run a given operation on a system through a client

Two basic functions: restart service and switch on/off a system. Some modules can provide some more functionalities:

  • argonaut-ldap2zone: update a dns zone, create view, create acls
  • argonaut-quota: apply a quota
  • argonaut-fai-mirror: create a synchronization script Mirror
  • argonaut-fai-monitor: follow FAI installation and report states to FusionDirectory
  • argonaut-dovecot: create the mailbox quota and applies it
  • argonaut-user-reminder to manage the accoun reminder plugin of FusionDirectory
  • argonaut-clean-audit to clean the audit branch of FusionDirectory

Allow integration with deployment tools FAI / OPSI

  • FAI integration (argonaut-server-module-fai and argonaut-common-fai) and the complement to integrate into the nfsroot and FAI server (argonaut-fai-nfsroot argonaut-fai-server, argonaut-fai-mirror)
  • OPSI integration (argonaut-server-module-opsi)
  • Manage the pxelinux.cfg directory using argonaut-fuse (argonaut-fuse-fai-module and argonaut-fuse-opsi-module): get information and create pxelinux.cfg file that matches the type of machine to be deployed, allowing automatic boot during an install by pxe

Link to Argonaut Project Website: