FusionDirectory 1.0.6 LTS is released

Just a month after the 1.0.5 release we released FusionDirectory 1.0.6 that correct some bugs captured by users after the 1.0.5 release.

The most important is the correction that make the user button not appearing in the menu when account expiration was activated.

The rest of the fixes are mainly cleanup as the 1.0.x branch is now our stable branch with rigorous criteria to let feature in.

The sources are available on : http://download.fusiondirectory.org/sources/1.0/.

Choose your OS

The 1.0.6 version is also available in packaging form for various distribution :

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu LTS

Other distro will follow in the forthcoming weeks :

  • RHEL (5 et 6)
  • Fedora