FusionDirectory 1.0.9 is out !

The FusionDirectory team is happy to announce FusionDirectory 1.0.9, our new major stable release

This release has many new features, enhancement and is focused on major User management improvements and usability

New Features

  • User management part has been ported to our simple plugin framework
  • Templates have been rewritten and have their own branch now, they are no longer mixed with users.
  • groupOfNames are moved inside the group menu, and by default make standard compliant groupOfNames.
  • A mixedGroup plugin has been created for people who need to mix groupOfNames and posixGroup.
  • A webservice in read and write can now be used to populate or ask data from FusionDirectory.
  • A new tool called fusiondirectory-shell can be use to create user and other type of objects from the command line.
  • SSL support has been added to argonaut framework and support for certificates added to all argonaut services in FusionDirectory

Main Fixes

  • Setup has been rewritten to be like the configuration plugin inside of FusionDirectory.
  • There is no longer a need to have an objectClass gosaAccount on the user to make it appears in the interface
  • User are now made of core basic objectClass.
  • Creation a generic user aka a user without posix attribute no longer create a samba password by default even if samba is not used.
  • All non standard attribute like personalTitle, dateOfBirth, gender have been moved to the personal plugin.
  • The phone objects have been moved into the system plugin due to the removal of the asterisk plugin
  • The DNS and DHCP services root objects have been migrated to the simple management framework
  • Password recovery configuration has been merged into core

Minor Fixes

  • Added support for Colombian Spanish
  • Kolab plugin has been renamed Kolab 2 to reflect the version he support.

Removed plugins :

In this version we removed obsolete plugins, because they were based on software no longer existing or needed a sql backend and we decided they need to be rewritten using the now ldap backend of those softwares :

asterisk : old plugin not maintainable anymore based on the sql backend, but now asterisk has a ldap backend has well.

fax: old code based on the gofax software from gonicus, not maintained anymore upstream.

openstack-compute: openstack management interface changed and this plugin is no longer relevant

uw-imap : long gone imap server, nobody that whe know still use it.

 Migration Notes From to 1.09