FusionDirectory is at the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona

What is FusionDirectory

Nowadays, identity management is everywhere and is no longer reserved for a technical audience, FusionDirectory was born from this need to make everyday identity management easy.

FusionDIrectory allows you to simplify and harmonize your identity management while focusing on security.

Thanks to its features dedicated to higher education and research, FusionDirectory is the only identity management software to support Supan 2009 and 2018, Partage by RENATER and Sinaps de l’Amue.

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During Summer holiday

During Summer holiday, take the opportunity to review our webinars on livestorm. Whether you are interested in modernization, higher education research standards and applications, infrastructure or REST APIs, you will …

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Github sponsoring

Github has formalized its sponsorship system for projects hosted on its platform. This is a recurring sponsorship system with goals and rewards, it applies to both organizations and individual developers. …