• The creation of a coherence framework for the implementation of directories in higher education and research.
  • This coherence framework facilitates the porting of applications and the exchange of directory information between establishments via the federation of identities.
  • The provision of a ready-to-use diagram to facilitate the deployment of a directory
  • Convergence towards common internal skills
  • Raising awareness of establishments on the need for a central repository


Since 2013, thanks to developments implemented in collaboration with IRSTEA, Inalco, we have integrated SupAnn 2009 into FusionDirectory.

Thanks to this, FusionDirectory is the only software that allows you to manage the entire SupAnn 2009 standard in an easy and user-friendly way, benefiting from all the functionalities such as model, data validation.

  • Management of structures
  • User Management

Since 2018, thanks to the developments implemented in collaboration with the Condorcet Campus, we have integrated the SupAnn 2018 life cycle into FusionDirectory.

  • Full life cycle management according to SupAnn 2018

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