Learn how to develop plugins for FusionDirectory during this 3-day training :

Nowadays, identity management is everywhere, whether in web applications or in companies.

FusionDirectory is the leading open source identity management application. It is deployed in university campuses, research centers, universities, companies and political parties.

You will come out of this FusionDirectory training course for developers with the necessary skills to develop new plugins for FusionDirectory as well as the ability to respond to requests that may be made to you both from the point of view of integration with business applications and on the use of its webservice.

This practical FusionDirectory training is for any developer wishing to learn how to develop plugins, improve or contribute to FusionDirectory. At the end of the training, participants will leave with a good understanding of the API of FusionDirectory and its Webservice.


  • Understand and create OpenLDAP schemas
  • Study how the FusionDirectory API works
  • Think about the design of plugins to ensure the best possible integration
  • Be able to develop simple or complex plugins
  • Report bugs or submit contributions
  • Develop integration with FusionDirectory webservices


  • Laptop
  • VirtualBox version 6 installed
  • Putty must be installed on a Windows machine
  • Basic knowledge of Linux system
  • Basic knowledge of using OpenLDAP in console is a plus
  • Know how to use a text editor in console mode
  • Have knowledge of ssh, sftp
  • Have a solid knowledge of PHP


Thibault Dockx

Senior FusionDirectory Developer

Audience :

  • Application developers
  • Internal application developers
  • Developers responsible for integrating business applications

Prerequisites :

  • Basic knowledge of OpenLDAP
  • Basic knowledge of system administration
  • Have a solid knowledge of PHP

Terms and conditions :

Duration : 3 days, 21-hour course

Rates :

3 900 euros incl. VAT in France

2 900 euros excl. VAT in Belgium

Program :

Day 1 : OpenLDAP concept & getting started with FusionDirectory

  • LDAP protocol and fundamentals
    • LDAP protocol
    • LDAP template
    • Best directory design practices
  • Basic LDAP Concepts
    • Data models
    • LDAP schemas
    • Basic operations
    • Security model
  • Create LDAP schema
    • Study of the existingCreating a custom schema
    • Traps to avoid
  • Introduction TO FusionDirectory
    • HistoRY
    • Why FusionDirectory? Why?
    • Functioning principles
  • FusionDirectory web interface
    • The heart of FusionDirectory
    • Configuration
    • Templates
    • FusionDirectory ACLs system

Practice : LDAP schema study, LDAP filter study, exercise in finding complex data using LDAP filters, getting started with FusionDirectory, explaining the API of FusionDirectory

Day 2 : Write plugins for FusionDirectory

  • FusionDirectory API
    • Why our own API ?
    • A first plugin: demo plugin
  • Writing a simple plugin
    • Organization of a plugin
    • Code convention
    • Simple plugin attributes
    • Writing a plugin
    • Plugin validation
  • Advanced simple plugin functions
    • Special attributes
    • Special methods and their attributes
    • Section models
    • Managed attributes
  • Interface
    • Theme
    • Translation

Practice : writing a simple plugin, writing a plugin using complex features, writing a theme.

Jour 3 : Webservice

  • Webservice study
    • Why a REST Webservice ?
    • Operation of the webservice
    • Setting up a webservice call
  • Use of the webservice
    • Users creation
    • Use of templates through the webservice
    • Creation of complex objects through the webservice

Practice : creation of scripts for using the webservice to create users and groups, retrieval of information by the webservice, use of templates, creation of complex objects.