What’s new for FusionDirectory in 2019

In this year 2019 several major developments will be published.

FusionDirectory 1.3

This version, which includes many new features, will contain:

And obviously full of small improvements and fixes. This version will become the stable version as of its publication.

SupAnn 2018 Support

This year will see the appearance of support for SupAnn 2018 which was published in late 2018.

This evolution of the standard brings important new functionalities and clarifications, like the management of the life cycle of an account.

It is on this part that the developments will be focused on initially, We hope to be able to publish them in the first quarter of 2019.

FusionDirectory 1.4

This is our development version scheduled for release at the end of 2019, it contains a lot of new features that are eagerly awaited:

  • New filter system allowing a search by type of object, type of content in this object.
  • Search by text or by LDAP filter.
  • Dynamic forms based on our models which can be private and public.
  • Invitation system linked to private forms allowing registration campaigns with validation circuit
menu filtre de fusiondirectory

Forms and invitations features were funded by the Campus Condorcet and used in their registration campaigns for the Identity management.