Benoit Mortier Recoit le OW2 market award pour FusionDirectory

OW2 Market Award 2016

FusionDirectory won the OW2 Market Award for its success with the TGIR Huma­-Num

FusionDirectory is used for decentralized management of business applications across a large number of sites.

Benoit Mortier of FusionDirectory receives the OW2 Market award

Benoit Mortier et Clement Oudot recoivent le prix Community a l'ow2con 2018

OW2 Community Award 2018

Combining FusionDirectory and LemonLDAP :: NG, FusionIAM offers an identity and access management solution using free software.

Benoit Mortier from FusionDirectory and Clément Oudot from Worteks receive the OW2 Community Award.