A day around FusionDirectory in Lyon

On May 17, 2017, the FusionDirectory team had an appointment with FusionDirectory users and contributors to preview the new major version, the 1.1

The day took place in Lyon, in the atypical and friendly setting of the SOFFFA co-working space, located at the bottom of the Croix Rousse slopes.

Benoit presented the new features of version 1.1 to the guests, including:

  • Sharing Renater is supported as messaging method
  • The System plugin has been completely rewritten with the simple plugin framework
  • Ability to hide by entering the plugin menu (left menu and home page) from a user or group
  • User reminder using ppolicy values

It was followed by a question / answer session and comments from those who use FusionDirectory on a daily basis: it was a very interactive session, everyone participated, Côme and Benoit answered most of the comments raised and promised to work on outstanding issues.